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  • Tomb Of The Mutilated (ENG / RUS)

  • Butchered At The Birth (ENG / RUS)

  • Eaten Back To Life (ENG / RUS)

  • Gallery Of Suicide (ENG)

  • The Bleeding (ENG)

  • BloodThirst (ENG)

  • VILE (ENG)

Facts about the band...

Are you really a fan?

* Did you know that Cannibal Corpse was in a movie? The Jim Carrey film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has a scene where Ace is in a Metal club. Up on stage is the Gods of Grindcore performing Hammer Smashed Face.

* Cannibal corpse has had many "morality" groups up in arms over two of their album covers. The covers to Tomb of the Mutilated and Butchered at Birth have been banned worldwide. Because of this, they have to release two versions of the album. An uncensored and a censored version.

* In the fold out of The Bleeding you can spot the following in the picture collage: A cake with the cover of Tomb of the Mutilated on it, Members from Obituary and King Diamond, a picture of Paul with Jim Carrey.

* Glen Benton (of Deicide) sang backing vocals on Vomit The Soul on the Butchered at Birth cd. Also Glen Benton and Francis H. Howard (of Incubus) sang backing vocals on Skull Full of Maggots and Mangled on the Eaten Back to Life cd.

* All the artwork for their cd covers was done by a guy named Vincent Locke. He is a Comic Book artist and has worked on such comics as Dead World.

* A vocal Harmonizer wasnt used to create any vocals in Cannibal Corpse's albums. What you hear is really Chris Barnes's or Georges Fisher's real voice.

* Cannibal Corpse is origionally from Buffalo, New York, but they moved down to Tampa, Florida to be closer to Morrisound Recording studios.

* All of Cannibal Corpse's albums were produced by Scott Burns. Legendary Grindcore/deathmetal producer/engineer.

* Chris Barnes appears on the debut CD from a band called Assuck.

* Chris Barnes was kicked out of Cannibal Corpse due to 'Musical Differences'.

* The origional title of VILE was CREATED TO KILL.

* Because of the loss of Chris Barnes, Cannibal corpse had to redo all the lyrics to their songs on the new album, and come up with a new logo and album title to avoid a lawsuit with Chris.



The bands line up since EATEN BACK TO LIFE.

This was the line up for the albums
Eaten Back to Life, Butchered at Birth, and Tomb of the Mutilated.

Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums
Alex Webster - Bass
Chris Barnes - Vocals
Bob Rusay - Guitars
Jack Owen - Guitars

For the album The Bleeding.

Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums
Alex Webster - Bass
Chris Barnes - Vocals
Rob Barret - Guitars
Jack Owen - Guitars

For the album Vile.

Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums
Alex Webster - Bass
George "Corpse Grinder" Fisher - vocals
Rob Barret - Guitars
Jack Owen - Guitars

For the first three albums, Bob Rusay played guitar. Before The Bleeding He left (I dont know what band he went in to...) and was replaced by Rob Barret from Malevolent Creation. Before the album Vile was written, Chris Barnes left the band to start Six Feet Under with ex-members of Obituary and Death. Chris Barnes was replaced by George "Corpse Grinder" Fisher from the band Monstrosity.

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